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Verified review
I bought the forex course and mentorship program of Siddhant Goswami last May 2020 because I am really tired of losing money in the forex market for how many years and how many accounts that blown away. Little did I know that he also has a Money Back Program where me and other students get a FREE 1 Month Premium Subcription of the Telegram Channel that gives 85%-95% Winning Rate! That's where my money that was paid for the course gets back and earning profit every week! Thank you so much Mentor for being the best mentor/coach not just for financial growth but also for spiritual growth. His Indicator is very easy to used and made trading 10X EASIER! IT IS MONEY RAIN!!!
Mohammad yaseen kamal
Mohammad yaseen kamal
Verified review
Really sir your indicator is money rain machine best indicator everūüėć
K. Gunter
K. Gunter
Verified review
I worked myself through the program three times and I am 75% successful on my Demo account and I will start trading live next week. Great program,great support team and Sid is a good Person and Mentor. Thank you very much to be part of the family.
Verified review
Siddhant Goswami is an excellent mentor that has provided plenty of individuals to unlock their potential and help us, his students, achieve financial independence and freedom. His course will make your journey of learning how to efficiently and effectively trade on the forex and stock markets.
Verified review
Look no further this is where you need to be if you want to kickstart your trading journey and start making profits.
Endy Chua
Endy Chua
Verified review
Good and great indicators from mentor Sid he is always there to anser any queries from his students greatly recommend for struggling forex trader or people that want to start forex trading.
chandraprasath ramachandran
chandraprasath ramachandran
Verified review
highly recommended .you definitely need someone like Sid to guide you not a fake youtube guru. many people making lot of money everyday.
Saurav Raj
Saurav Raj
Verified review
Sid is the best in the business. His teaching methodology is simple and effective. And he will be always there for you to guide with any doubts. His course will tell you every knitty gritty of trading that you need to know to become a successful trader. Highly recommend his course to everyone.
Isiaka Hammed
Isiaka Hammed
Verified review
Such a nice mentor. Also a God-fearing man with a clean heart
Felix Nzikobanyanka
Felix Nzikobanyanka
Verified review
I have no right words to express my gratefulness to mentor Siddhant. With this Zero to Hero program , I can enter the market and confidently take fruitful trading opportunities on my own. And still I am brand newbie in trading. God bless Siddhant for his altruistic heart.





Education:  Build a solid foundation in Trading through our highly recommended Trading Education Program.

Community:  Access to our exclusive network of traders, students & mentor 24/7.

Trading Ideas:  Our Interactive community continuously share their ideas and insights which help others to find their winning trade.

Webinars:  Participate in our Monthly Webinars to get updated & crucial information about trading.

1:1 Support:  Reach out to your mentor anytime wherever you feel stuck in your trading journey.

24/7 Support:  Student growth is our prime priority. You can get in touch with us anytime.

We have built this platform based on a vast
array of data analysis amongst traders. We
understand the predictable trader journey
better than anyone.
Using a pioneered approach, we are confident
that our traders will be the success of our

Our Program is Completely RISK FREE as per our Money Back Program.


Our successful Mentorship Program has been designed specifically to reset bad habits, bypass common costly mistakes and accelerate the trader journey out of the gate.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous investing or trading experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.



Globally Recognized

Sid has worked with Traders from over 50+ countries and has mentored over 150+ students to make them a profitable trader.

The reputation and mentorship has been built on deep insights into trading education and a passion to help traders succeed.


Learn At Your Own Pace

In your dashboard you can access any video anytime.Your will be able to track your progress and can continue wherever you left off.

All of our training is presented in high quality, interactive video format for maximum engagement.

Theory, Strategy, Practical Application.

24/7 Support

Trade With Sid as the name says is all about being with you in your Trading Journey.

Wherever you feel stuck, you will always find your Mentor or Coaches assisting you and you will get resolved with your issue instantly.

Traders Community

We believe that a good association leads to good results. We have focused on creating a community of Traders wherever they can share their ideas and insights to help new Traders grow faster.

Our students get instant access to this community which gives them an edge to boost their learning curve.

Exclusive Webinars

Monthly Webinars to keep you up-to-date with the strategies and revealing the secrets of successful traders.

Look over the shoulder of your Mentor, how they hunt the market and find the winning trade in no time.

Instant Access To Our 6 Hour Comprehensive Training Module

Hundreds Of Delegates Have Transformed Their Trading With This Program

Module #1 :-¬†Mastery of Candlesticks…


Module #2 :- Lesser Known Facts
About EMAs…


Module #3 :-Professional Application of
MACD Hist…


Module #4 :-Using Stochastic to find
a winner…


Module #5 :- Secret Sauce – Indicator
I trust…


Module #6 :- Mastery of Trend Lines &
Support Resistance…


Module #7 :-RevisingIt All Up…


Module #8 :-Secret Sauce – Indicator
I trust…


Module #9 :- Strategy #1 – Pu…


Module #10 :-Strategy #2 – Tre…


Module #11 :-¬†Strategy #3 – Tre…


Module #12 :-¬†Strategy #4 – Tre…


Module #13 :- Visual Examples to
enhance learning…


Module #14 :- How To Find Forex


Module #15 :- Step-by-step guide to
trading journey forward…



See What Our Traders Have Said About Their Experience!

“Siddhant’s Course has literally changed my life. I came to know about Trading things which I never heard of anywhere. I used all 4 strategies which he taught in course and boom!

I grew my account by 10x in just a week!”



“In Trading I’ve faced lot of scammers & lost lot of money. Sid came out as one of the most genuine person I’ve seen in this industry. Now finally I’ve learned to make decent money everyday after going through his mentorship program.”



“Siddhant’s Course has literally changed my life. I came to know about Trading things which I never heard of anywhere. I used all 4 strategies which he taught in course and boom!

I grew my account by 10x in just a week!”




Testimonies of some more students…


Meet Your Mentor


Siddhant Goswami

Professional Trader & Mentor


“Financial Independence is your birth right.. being rich is your birth right. There‚Äôs a war going on for your financial independence, and the market is your daily battlefield‚Ķ My mission at Trade With Sid is to be a force multiplier and help you win that war. I‚Äôll teach you time-tested tactics, I‚Äôll equip you with innovative new tools which will help you navigate the minefield the market has lying in wait. But most importantly, when you join forces with Trade With Sid you‚Äôll never have to fight alone again.”

Background : Where I Come From….

Life was pretty good till teenage when I realized we have more things to do than playing outside. Being born in lower middle class family, I had a hard time till early 20s. I wanted to become an Engineer but couldn’t fill admission form of my favorite University because it’s price was $15. Then getting a govt. job became a BIG DREAM for me so as to get job security & good income. At 21, I borrowed $2 from my grandparents and bought a Guide for Bank Exams. Clearing that exam was first step to my financial wellness.

I became Forex Manager at a Private Bank, worked there for few years and left that job to pursue my dream to get a govt. job. In 2014, I cleared one of the toughest exam in India and became Assistant Section Officer. Got my dream job.

I married to a beautiful woman in Brazil. Travelling between Brazil & India became a challenge for me with this limited salary. That time this big dream job looked small to me.

I said to myself, “I don’t want to live like this!”

Then I looked at Trading which I had been treating as part time pocket money making thing. I started taking this profession seriously…


Trading Journey :  Zero to Hero


In 2014, when I was religiously doing my dream job, my colleague introduced me to stock trading. It was interesting to click buy/sell button randomly and seeing chart going up down, so our money too. It was no less than a gambling addiction.

We lost a big portion of our savings when we put “all eggs in one basket”. Everyone left trading except me. My addiction became my obsession. I started learning more about stock trading from books and web. A few tricks helped me make little money every couple of days which I saw as pocket money.

It was until 2018, when I took trading seriously. Coming into Forex was a challenge for me, old tricks didn’t worked anymore. I also got scammed a couple of times which costed me over $5,000. I decided to educate myself to stand on my own and purchased dozen of Trading books, enrolled into many courses, analyzed charts for countless hours.

It took me a long time to build Professional Trading skill. In this journey, I do lost a lot like majority of people but what separates winners from losers is their perseverence.

Today I’m earning very well from Trading, all the hard work is paying off now. I fulfilled many wishes of my family members and took them out of Middle Class league.

Now I’m a full time trader and I feel like I have a moral duty to serve others who are where I used to be…

Vision : ¬†Leaving an Impact…

I believe every human is born with unique talent. If we share our strengths with others to help them overcome their weaknesses or even help them ease their path then this world will be a wonderful place.

I have spent years in mastering trading and now it’s my moral duty to help others on their path to help them achieve what I have achieved or even more.

Having all these skills, I could have sit back and relax on a beach but doing that won’t bring any change into the world, into the lives of people. My motive is to help people fulfill their dreams, their loved ones dreams.

My vision is to positively impact lives of over 100,000 people by 2025.

If I can do this then I believe anyone can do this too. Let’s come together and make this world a better place.

A place full of prosperity.


Popular Trading Videos

Let’s Go Over

Everything You Get With

Trade With Sid

Trading & Mentorship Program


Comprehensive Trading Course

 Over 6 Hour Extensive Training

¬†Basic : Intro to Trading & it’s Variables

 Intermediate : Knowledge of Indicator

 Advance : Powerful & Secret Strategies

 Psychology of a Pro Trader

 Step-by-Step guide to your trading success

Value = $1,000

Monthly Webinars   [Bonus #1]

 Exclusively for Students

Up-to-date Tactics & Strategies

 See LIVE how Professional Traders trade

Value = $500

Traders Community      [Bonus #2]

 Get associated with like minded Traders

 Make learning easy with your peers

 Ideas sharing over signals

 Learn Together, Earn Together, Win Together

Value = $400

Money Back Program       [Bonus #3] 

 Our first priority is to recover your fees

 Daily Forex signals by Sid

 Lifetime Handholding  

Value = $500

Total Value with Bonuses :




But you won’t pay anywhere near

$2,400 for “Trading & Mentorship Program”

You won’t even pay a

tenth of that.

My intention is NOT to break your bank, rather I want to help you learn this High Rewarding skill.

I want you to become a profitable trader and give a Financially Free life to your families.

I’d been where you are right now, looking to escape job, looking to learn a skill to earn from home, to escape the rat race, to fulfill dreams of self and loved ones.

That’s why I have come up with this Trading & Mentorship Program at a very very AFFORDABLE price.

For a very limited time, you can get Comprehensive

Trading Course PLUS the 4 bonuses for…

ONLY   $149

That’s it. Just $149

Don’t wait… don’t hope… take action to start making money now!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about our platform?
Check out our questions and answer section below..

How can I access the course after payment?

You will be having your own login credentials which you need to use to login to your dashboard.

Recommended Forex & Binary Brokers?

Forex – IC Market with Raw Spread Account
Binary – Quotex Broker

I’m a newbie, is this program good for me?

A big YES! This program is designed in such a way that it will help newbie to learn all the way from Basics to Advance. Also it’s useful for expert traders to learn some powerful strategies.

Can I learn trading alone (without this program)?

In internet era you can learn anything for free. BUT I can assure you it will take you years to figure out proven strategies. Not to mention the losses you will face during learning.

By learning from this program you will learn PROVEN strategies instantly. Time is money!

How will I access the Indicators?

We have a separate module on how to access the course.

Can I get the indicator separately?

I intentionally don’t sell it separately because it is like a powerful bomb and my course is like a manual of it. Indicator backed by the knowledge of course makes decision 10x wiser. You will be more confident when you take any trade.

How much money do I need to start trading?

Do not be in a hurry. In our experience, it’s in our member’s best interest to BEGIN paper trading to practice what you are learning as you complete the course. Mistakes will be made along the way and its best to make these mistakes with paper trading but gain REAL experience!

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