About Us

Siddhant Goswami is an Engineer by qualification, Technical Analyst by passion and a Discretionary Trader by profession. He is in the world of Trading since 2011.

Being aware of the widespread deception being faced by traders over the internet, he is committed to providing enriching education at an affordable cost to transform a beginner into an absolute professional trader.

He has acquired immense respect worldwide for being a very transparent and super accurate trader thereby showcasing that even after being failed in trading for 6 years he comes out to be world-renowned super accurate Trader and not only he is good trader but he is also best teacher to make trading simplified , easy and profitable. With years of Hard work, love for trading he has turned out be a trader who can make money from Stocks, Forex. Binary options , Commodities and Cryptos.

Siddhant Says –

“Financial Independence is your birth right.. being rich is your birth right. There’s a war going on for your financial independence, and the market is your daily battlefield… My mission at Trade With Sid is to be a force multiplier and help you win that war. I’ll teach you time-tested tactics, I’ll equip you with innovative new tools which will help you navigate the minefield the market has lying in wait. But most importantly, when you join forces with Trade With Sid you’ll never have to fight alone again.”

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